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The BitStash currency known as STASH is used for conducting transactions, completing payment, and used as a means of commerce. Facilitating transactions in multiple industries STASH is used as an additional form of payment that is trustless, permissionless, cashless, and decentralized. Anyone, anywhere in the world can start spending and receiving STASH instantly.

How to Enable 2FA

To enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), you will need to first login to your account. If you have not yet created an account on the BitStash Marketplace you can follow

How to Refer New Members

If you have not already registered to earn rewards on the BitStash Marketplace please refer the following tutorial before starting. How to Register for Rewards After you have already registered

How to Track Order Progress

You can easily track the order progress from the Orders History page on the BitStash Marketplace. Various statuses will be displayed. On-Hold: Pending payment (incomplete) Awaiting Shipment: Payment complete (Tracking