How to Enable 2FA

To enable 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), you will need to first login to your account. If you have not yet created an account on the BitStash Marketplace you can follow the below guide. How to Create an Account on the BitStash Marketplace After you have logged into your account, visit

How to Track Order Progress

You can easily track the order progress from the Orders History page on the BitStash Marketplace. Various statuses will be displayed. On-Hold: Pending payment (incomplete) Awaiting Shipment: Payment complete (Tracking information is normally sent via email, can also be found within the order details by selecting “View” under the actions

How to Sell Products

Selling products on the BitStash Marketplace is very easy to do. To get started you will need to have an approved vendor account. Not a vendor yet? Apply to become a vendor today! Apply as a vendor on the BitStash Marketplace now. Once your account has been approved to become

How to Create an Account

Creating an account on the BitStash Marketplace is just like creating an account on any other platform. All you will need is an email address and strong password. Note: you need to provide a real email address to verify your account. First, create an account by visiting the BitStash Marketplace

How to Buy Products

In order to complete a purchase on the BitStash Marketplace you will need to acquire STASH from exchanges. All product prices are displayed in both USD and STASH for easy reference. First, after having some STASH already, you will want to find a product to purchase. Once you have found