How to Add STASH as Custom Token in MetaMask

First you will need to have MetaMask installed. If you have not installed MetaMask you can do so below.

After you have successfully installed and setup MetaMask you can select the hamburger menu on the top left to add a custom token “STASH”. View the below image for reference.

The following screen will request that you enter the ERC20 contract address. The other information regarding token name and decimals are included automatically.

The token smart contract for STASH is the following:

Do not send ERC20 Tokens or Ethereum to this address.

You will need to confirm the addition of STASH tokens to MetaMask. After you have added STASH as a custom token in MetaMask you will see the option to select “STASH” to send.

Now that you have successfully added STASH as a custom token on MetaMask you can easily switch between using ETH or STASH via the hamburger menu on the upper left.