How to Buy Products

In order to complete a purchase on the BitStash Marketplace you will need to acquire STASH from exchanges. All product prices are displayed in both USD and STASH for easy reference.

First, after having some STASH already, you will want to find a product to purchase. Once you have found something you want to buy simply select “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

Note: It is recommended to be logged in while completing checkout to be eligible for earning rewards.

Second, you will be directed to the checkout page where the platform will request your delivery address. Once you are finished inputting your delivery address and confirming the terms, select “Place Order”.

Third, after placing the order you will be directed to complete payment. Be sure to have MetaMask installed with the required amount of STASH in your wallet to complete payment. If you are on a mobile phone, you will need to install the Trust Wallet to complete payment.

Fourth, you will need to connect to the BitStash Marketplace with MetaMask or the Trust Wallet.

Fifth, after you have connected with MetaMask or the Trust Wallet, simply select on next to make the first deposit.

You will receive a confirmation window similar to the following when using MetaMask.

Confirm the deposit amount, you can also verify the amount needed to complete the purchase below where it displays the amount. Notice while it is still pending, the loading circle will continue to spin.

After the initial deposit was successful, you will receive a notification saying that your deposit in STASH was successful. Click on OK to continue.

Now that the initial deposit has completed, you will be requested to complete payment for the item. Select the pay button to complete payment.

Again, you will be presented with the MetaMask confirmation window. It will request that you confirm the transaction, at this time you are not spending STASH but simply signing a transaction confirming your payment.

Similar to as before, you will see the spinning icon while your transaction is pending. Please wait until it has completed before going to the next step.

After the transaction has completed you will be notified that the transaction has completed and payment in STASH was successful.

Now you can view the order status within your order history. It should now appear as “Awaiting Shipment”. Shortly after, you will receive tracking information and the order will be marked as “Completed” once delivered. At this time you are able to claim any rewards associated with the purchase.

That’s all there is to completing a purchase on the BitStash Marketplace. Once your order has arrived, don’t forget to leave the vendor a review about the process, along with a product review letting others know what you thought.