How to Improve Security with MetaMask

MetaMask already has powerful security measures in place. However sometimes even these security measures can be overlooked or self-sabotaged. In this tutorial, we are going to provide some methods in which you can improve your overall wallet security with MetaMask and avoid self-sabotage.

First, never save your private key or seed phrase on a computer or the internet. It is always recommended to have a paper copy of your seed phrase and private key. Storing these files on your computer as a .txt document or similar could open to door for hackers to retrieve and unlock your wallet. Additionally your printer could also be a risk, so to be 100% secure it is recommended to simply write these things by hand on paper.

In addition to the first recommendation, it is also suggested to keep your paper wallet (private keys & seed phrase) safe from natural disaster, or someone that might want to steal your information. Placing your paper wallet in a safe is a good place for starters.

Second, it is not recommended to visit or use any DApp that is not trusted. There are many DApps that will phish for your information and private keys so be sure to do your due diligence.

Third, use a strong password when accessing your MetaMask especially if it is a shared computer. Don’t use something that you will forget, but also make sure that password is not used anywhere else to strengthen your security.

Fourth, only have a balance you are comfortable with. Keep any balance not being used on a hardware wallet or in cold storage. That way if for some reason you lose access to your computer or forget a password you can reduce the overall loss that might occur. It is very rare that this might happen especially if you have a paper wallet with your seed phrase or private key save as it can be restored.

That’s it! With those 4 tips, tricks, and solutions you should be able to strengthen your overall security with MetaMask to safely secure your STASH tokens.