How to Receive STASH with Trust Wallet

First, you will need to install Trust Wallet on either Android or iOS devices.

After you have installed and setup the Trust Wallet, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following. Click on the plus icon:

Next you will need to search for “STASH”, it should appear from the selection. Simply select “STASH” to add. You will need to check the box to ensure that STASH has been enabled.

Now you should be able to select BitStash (STASH) to either send or receive tokens.

In order to receive STASH in-person you will want to select on “RECEIVE”. Next you will be presented with a new page that includes a QR code which can be scanned. This QR code includes your ERC-20 Address and can also include a deposit amount or you can automatically request a certain amount of STASH to be sent. View the below examples.

Now when the sending part scans the QR Code it will include your ERC-20 address and also the requested amount in STASH for easy transactions.