How to Sell Products

Selling products on the BitStash Marketplace is very easy to do. To get started you will need to have an approved vendor account. Not a vendor yet? Apply to become a vendor today!

Once your account has been approved to become a vendor, you will have a new dashboard similar to the following. Here you can see all recent transactions, order history, product views and analytics. In order to add your first product, hover over “Products” then select “Add New”. Additionally you can also click on the box icon in the lower right hand corner.

When adding your first product you will want to define a few important fields. Within this tutorial we will walk you through on what to include.

Catalog, Virtual, Downloadable: The most common is simply Catalog. This is to include your product in the general search and to be visible on the marketplace. Virtual & Downloadable products are products that do not require shipping.

Product Title: Include a descriptive product title this can include brand, model, color, size, etc.

Price: Enter your product price in USD (auto converted to STASH).

Short Description: This is the short product description that is placed before the “Add to Cart” & “Buy Now” buttons on the product page. Include important information here to help potential customers understand what they are getting.

Description: This section is not required, however, it is recommended that you include as much information and product details within this section. On the product page, it is viewed near the bottom of the listing however will give a complete overview of what is being offered. Can include images, features, etc.

Product Image: Simply click on the product image to add a new image. The recommend image size for products is 1080 x 1080 pixels. Product image should include the exact product being sold.

Categories: Within the categories section, you can click on the drop down arrow and select sub-categories and also choose your primary product category as well. Only select 1 Primary category and up to 2 secondary or sub categories. (Abuse will be viewed as spam, and could result in account termination). Once you have inputted the required fields, continue to the next step.

Product UPC/SKU: Include the product UPC or unique identifier code. The UPC/SKU is required to gain additional views from search engines such as Google Shopping.

Manage Stock: You can check this box to set the stock amount manually. For example if you have 5 products in stock and want to have the stock automatically managed based on orders sold. Input the stock amount here.

Stock Status: By default product stock status is set to “In Stock” you can also change this by setting the stock to “Out of Stock”.

Sold Individually: Check this box if you only want to sell 1 per customer.

Weight / Dimensions: Set the product weight, length, height, and width. These numbers can be used for shipping costs and reference.

Shipping Class: It is important that you create and set your shipping class for each product you sell. Otherwise a customer will not be able to complete checkout based on your shipment settings and criteria. Within the drop down you will see your username. This is your shipping class select it.

Policy Tab: Here you will want to set your Store Policy Tab Title. This is generally “Store Policy”.

Shipping Policy: Include your shipping policy here. These settings can also be default results that you can set within the store settings pages. Here you can create a unique shipping policy per item. If you do not need to change anything simply continue.

Refund Policy: Same as above, you can set a refund policy in relation to this product or leave your existing settings.

Cancellation Policy: Same as above, you can set a custom Cancellation Policy in relation to this product or leave your existing settings.

Now you have successfully filled all the required fields to list and sell your product on the BitStash Marketplace. Simply select “Submit” to include your product within the search and catalog. Alternatively you can also select “Draft” if you are not quite done working on adding the product and would like to save for later.

You can view all of your products that have been published by clicking the “Products” tab within the left sidebar menu.

Still have trouble adding a product or have thousands to add via spreadsheet? Reach out via email to for assistance.