How to Send STASH with Trust Wallet

To send STASH, you will need to install Trust Wallet on either Android or iOS devices.

After you have installed and set-up the Trust Wallet, you will be presented a screen like the following. Click on the plus icon:

Next you will need to search for “STASH”. It should appear from the selection. Simply select “STASH” to add. You will additionally need to check the box to ensure that STASH has been enabled.

Now you should be able to select BitStash (STASH) to either send or receive tokens.

Once you click on “SEND” it will take you to a new page as displayed below. You can manually enter in someones ERC-20 address or simply scan their QR code to send STASH with ease.

That’s it! Now you can send or receive STASH using the Trust Wallet. Be sure the recipient has a wallet that is able to receive ERC-20 tokens when you send STASH.